Saturday, August 13, 2011

In defence of pop, and perhaps, narcissism

Nitsuh Abebe, writing in New York, defends contempo pop music against the moral panic over youth narcissism. And he makes sense of the trajectory of popular music on the charts since the '80s.

If I could choose, in retrospect, which set of music-based pathologies to spend my teenage years absorbing—the dogged outsider mumbling I picked up from indie-rock records or the brave thrusting entitlement and self-regard that allegedly speak through today’s pop—there’s a decent chance I’d take the pop.

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Timalexwar said...

It is always amazing to find someone from the past on a blog or on Facebook or whatever. I always admired you from Jr High ( R.J.Fisher).

I think the steps you have taken in your life are amazing. I guess we have little in common except that I did spend a little time in Tunisia when I lived in Europe during the 1980s.
Politically we are worlds apart, I being a Conservative Christian (as a result of those years in Europe).

But I still admire you and think your intellectual/academic offerings to the world through your blogs are incredible.

Your name came up on FB, by te way, which prompted my search for you.

I have always remembered you although you may not remember me at all....
Tim Warner