Saturday, December 11, 2010

RIP (Belated): Ari Up

Ari Up, singer for one of the absolute best bands of the punk era, The Slits, passed away on October 20. John Pareles wrote this about her and The Slits in 2009: “She sang mocking critiques of trendiness, romance and consumerism as the music juggled rock, ska, reggae and something like funk. The Slits came up with odd-angled chord progressions that better trained musicians wouldn’t touch.” The quote is from a very fine obit written by Colin Moynihan for the New York Times, which appears here.

Who will ever forget the cover of The Slits first album, Cut?

The music is even more memorable.

Here are a couple of Slits songs that I particularly like:

"Typical Girls"

And (later Slits): "In the Beginning There Was Rhythm".